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First impressions matter, especially in commercial and hospitality spaces, such as offices, hotels, health care facilities, restaurants, or stores. Customers or clients walk in, look around, and subconsciously decide how they feel about your business almost immediately, and this first impression is heavily influenced by the appearance of your floors and surfaces. Once an opinion is formed, it can be difficult to change. Carefully maintaining the appearance of your floors is of the utmost importance. NextGen Surface Care provides customized professional care and maintenance services so that your floors can always reflect a high standard of professionalism to employees and guests or patrons. 

Commercial Maintenance

Customized Services

NextGen Surface Care provides customized professional care and maintenance services for a variety of commercial floors, including natural stone, terrazzo, VCT, wood floors, and more. Our methods will depend on the level of traffic and use your floors get and what type of surface material we are servicing. Whether we are soaking, scrubbing, stripping and re-waxing, or buffing, with our regularly scheduled services, your floors will always look beautifully maintained and inviting.

You can determine the care and maintenance service frequency according to your needs, because we offer daily, weekly and monthly service options. We can work during your least-busy hours for minimal disruption to your normal routine.

Maintaining Stone

Professionally maintained natural stone floors, such as marble, travertine, limestone, and granite, in many cases, are just re-polished. The floor looks great at first, but over time this process leaves the stone finish with shiny scratches and increasingly obvious traffic patterns. As these problems develop, you become more and more dissatisfied with the appearance of the floors until it’s time for another round of professional restoration.

Most stone restoration contractors will tell you that your floors will need to be restored every two to three years, depending on the traffic, usage, and care.

With our well-planned maintenance program, your floors will always look like new, without the need for periodic restoration, even with heavy traffic and usage.

Maintaining Terrazzo

When it comes to terrazzo maintenance, there are basically two approaches. It can either be repeatedly stripped and waxed or it can be restored to a natural polish and then maintained like stone thereafter. It’s up to you which approach you would like us to take.

NextGen Surface Care provides terrazzo stripping and re-waxing services as part of our regularly scheduled maintenance.

On the other hand, our natural terrazzo polishing process can achieve a finish anywhere from gloss to matte — according to your preference. Once your terrazzo is restored, we can maintain your terrazzo without stripping and re-waxing in the same way that we maintain natural stone floors.

Contact us for your commercial floor maintenance needs.

With regularly scheduled professional maintenance, your floors can always create a positive impression. If your are in the Houston Texas area, we’d love to talk with you about your commercial maintenance needs. Contact us online or call (281) 377-4890 for a free consultation.


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