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Marble polishing and restoration | Houston TX

Marble Repair and Restoration for a Sparkling Look!

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Is your elegant marble tile cracking, chipping or completely broken? There’s no need to replace those deformities ever again! Let NextGen restore your beautiful marble tile to its original luster and elegance! Using contemporary repair technology, NextGen will repair your broken, chipped or cracked tile, without a trace, to its original finish!

No one will ever know you had a damaged tile repaired. Its repaired and polished appearance will match the surrounding countertops, backsplashes, and walls.

It’s practically impossible to find an exact match to your original tile purchase. All too often homeowners purchase enough tile for the original installation. They may have an extra tile, but it’s not always the case. Going to the original quarry will not guarantee you an exact match. As time passes, the quarry line shifts and a perfect color match is impossible.

To the untrained eye, what a homeowner may think is a perfect match at the quarry, in sunlight conditions, will be obviously different when the replacement tile blends into the surrounding marble. Sunlight conditions and interior lightning impose different shadow and reflection conditions.

Don’t let your inexperience and anticipation get in the way of having your floor or countertop repaired with NextGen You won’t believe your eyes when you see the damaged marble area repaired with NextGen Your elegant floor or countertop will look as good as the original installation.

In the unfortunate situation where your stone tile is not repairable, and it requires a replacement installation, the highly trained NextGen Craftsmen can, with surgical precision, replace the affected area. The replaced area is beautifully blended and level with the surrounding tile.

No one, not your family, friends or neighbors can spot the replaced stone tile area. We guarantee it! It’s that good!

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