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Professional granite repair and polishing service

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Granite is one of the best looking materials for kitchen counter-tops and other kitchen appliances because of its durability and beauty.

NextGen Surface Care is one of those few professional companies who is trained to make granite look like new again. We can grind away excess stone to help make it smoother and more leveled using diamond grinding technology if preferred  by the customer and then giving it a finish with choices of being honed or polished right after.

Granite is still hard but not impervious to wear and tear from scratches that may affect its appearance in which the solution to it is to be honed instead of it being replaced. Then again it can be given a polish or soft warming finish which will possibly lead to its original before state if desired to. For its cleaning process depends on all the dirt, grime, and any contaminant that layered on its surfaces.

Deep cleaning services and stone safe cleaning solutions can help to make the granite more stable and clean as best as possible. Once most of the granite as been properly serviced, we recommend that the granite be properly sealed to protect its surface from stains. Without the sealant, there are high chances of a stain lands on the granite, it will discolor the appearance and it will make it harder for the technicians to restore it. In which granite can help save the costs from expensive damage.

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