Epoxy Garage Floor Coating 

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protect your floors with epoxy protective coating 

At  NextGen we specialize in all your epoxy garage floor installation needs. We have a loyal customer base in the Houston TX area who we are proud to provide with custom and lasting finish coats in just one day’s time.

Our expert installation team wants to provide you with something that gives an advantage over the traditional flooring options. Our stunning, heavy-duty epoxy flooring will last up to fifteen years with minimal repair and maintenance. Not only does epoxy flooring last due to its durability, it provides a remarkable finish that will not discolor, dull or fade.

Epoxy flooring is tried and true. That’s proven by its ranking as the number one product for industrial, commercial and residential garage floor applications.


Traditionally, epoxy has been only applied to industrial and commercial floors. We believe if it’s good enough for large scale and aggressive settings such as those then it’s definitely good enough to create a long lasting surface for your residential needs. The high-gloss epoxy can extend beyond the garage and into the basement, kitchen or living room. The garage takes the brunt of the typical wear and tear on your home’s flooring. Leaking and spills from your vehicle, high traffic area and tool dropping can all result in damage. We aim to reduce the stress of all those unfortunate events with our epoxy.

Concrete Coating

The potential for damage to bare concrete is greater than most realize. Concrete is also more porous than expected which can result in liquids and chemicals damaging and staining overtime. Our epoxy coating and sealant strengthens and defends your concrete flooring against all types of damage. There is a reason that epoxy remains the number one choice for concrete upgrading.

Custom coatings

We want to help you achieve your epoxy coating goals with our limitless possibilities at  NextGen. Speak to one of our epoxy coating professionals.

The floors are shining

"I just want to tell thank you again for all the work you have done in my house.

You did such a good job! The floors are shining! I am grateful!"

Susan M.

Houston, TX

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