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Travertine Restored to Like New

NextGen Surface Care can restore the elegance to any travertine surface that has become dull, stained, scratched, etched, chipped, or otherwise damaged.

We provide expert interior and exterior travertine restoration services for all kinds of properties, from offices and other commercial properties, warehouses, retail stores, restaurants, and hotels to homes, apartments, condos, and more.

Whether you need minor services like a travertine floor cleaning or major travertine repair and restoration, we have a full range of services to get the job done right.

Travertine Restoration Services Overview

Travertine can be honed and polished to a stunningly beautiful finish: satin/matte, polished, or custom.

The holes that naturally occur in this type of stone can be cleaned and left alone for a weathered, rustic look or filled with specialty fillers tinted to blend with the surrounding stone for a smoother, more elegant appearance.

Either way, your travertine should be professionally cleaned every one to two years, and in many cases, sealed, as well.

Deep Clean

Since Travertine is porous, dirt can become trapped in the naturally occurring holes. We can deep clean with our professional equipment and cleaners. We start by sweeping and vacuuming up any loose debris.

From there, our professional technicians use hot water extraction to remove stains and flush out grime.

Our process leaves travertine with a like-new appearance and and pores that are free of lingering dirt. Clean and open pores make future maintenance easier too.

We are experts in travertine stain removal and restoration, bringing out the natural beauty of this unique stone while protecting its integrity.

Hone and Travertine Polishing

Over time, your beautiful Travertine floor polish may start to lose it’s luster. The stone can become dull and faded and while it’s perfectly normal, we can help.

We use specialized equipment with diamond abrasives to lightly clean and polish the surface of the stone, removing small scratches and imperfections.

Our refinishing services include the custom finish you prefer. Whether it’s matte or high-sheen. We can also update old finishes to a new sheen of your choice!

Fill Holes

Travertine has naturally occurring holes. While these holes can actually be what provides their charm, they can also collect a lot of excess dirt.

Our specialized hole-filling service transforms porous travertine into an easier-to-maintain and more refined flooring option. We use a floating process to fill the holes, first cleaning out any trapped debris.

Then we apply a cement-based filler, skillfully working it across the surface to fill every hole flush. Excess filler is removed as we go for a smooth, seamless appearance.

Once dry, the travertine is honed and polished to a uniform matte or glossy finish.

Seal and Enhance

If your travertine needs to be sealed or enhanced we can do this with premium quality products. Our professional seal and enhance service deeply penetrates travertine floors to guard against future damage. By sealing your Travertine stone, you’re creating a more durable and longer-lasting shield against dirt, debris, and damage.

Grind (Lippage Removal)

We can grind away excess stone to create a flat, level surface if your travertine tiles are uneven or if you want your tile floor flattened to the grout lines to facilitate easier cleaning.


Don’t replace your damaged travertine! Chips, cracks, and broken tiles can be repaired using filler and specialized equipment. We can hone and polish to match the repair site with the existing finish.

During the Travertine restoration process, we clean the area of loose debris, fill any cracks or holes caused by wear and tear, and rebuild and repolish the area to match the existing stone. Our meticulous repairs prevent further deterioration while restoring safety and aesthetics.

Replace Tiles

Our craftsman can, in many cases, remove an unrepairable tile without damaging neighboring tiles and reinstall a new tile.

Contact us for your travertine floor restoration needs.

Is your travertine dull, dirty, etched, or otherwise damaged? Are fillers popping loose? If you are in the Houston TX area and your travertine needs some professional attention, contact us online or call (281) 377-4890 for a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!


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