Marble Countertop Honed, Polished, and Sealed

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Client : Homeowner in Kehmah
Info : Marble countertop honed, polished, and sealed

Dull, Scratched Marble Countertop

A homeowner in Kehmah, Texas had called us because her marble countertops looked dull and scratched. She has a big family, resulting in high traffic use of the countertop. She had previously hired a company to come and restore her countertops every 3 months. The company was charging $1,000 per visit with poor quality results. Although this company polished the countertops to make them shine, they neglected to fully remove the scratches and dullness. The result was shiny swirl scratch marks and countertops that never quite looked like new.

Countertop Fully Restored Like New

First, we performed a careful inspection. Then, we masked and protected all the surfaces surrounding our work area. To restore the countertops we used the proper tools and strategies for traditional natural stone restoration. We honed to remove scratches and damage, revealing the brand new stone underneath. We followed with progressively finer grit diamond polishing to restore the reflection and beauty of this marble countertop. After full restoration the countertops had a mirror-like shine and the shiny scratches were no longer visible. We also cleaned and sealed the countertops to inhibit staining. The customer was very pleased with the results and said it looked better than new. She gave us a five star review. To learn more about our marble restoration services, visit our Marble & Limestone Services page.
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