Concrete Countertops Repaired, Polished, and Sealed

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Concrete Countertops Stained and Damaged

A homeowner in Houston, TX called us because the concrete countertops were etched, stained, lost luster, color,  and the overall appearance of the countertop was poor. She even though about replacing the countertops because 5 other companies told her it was not possible to restore. That's where we came in. 

Concrete Honed, Polished, & Sealed

First, we cleaned and removed all items from the concrete countertops and begin a very detailed inspection taking note of damage to the surface. We protected all surrounding work areas. We began with a honing process which is a wet sanding process using diamonds specially for concrete restoration. We successfully removed the scratch marks and ugly stains from the concrete countertops. We proceeded to clean the grout lines that had a coating that trapped dirt.  Next, we started to polish the concrete countertops by diamond polishing to get the final polished result that would match the backsplashes. Finally, we enhanced and sealed the surface to bring the colors back to life and protect the surface. The homeowner was nervous about the process because five other companies told the concrete countertops could not be restored and would have to replace. She was very pleased with the results and loved the how her countertops turned out. She was also excited that we saved her thousands of dollars in replacements and can now enjoy the beautiful transformation of her concrete countertops again.  To learn more, visit our Concrete Services page.
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