Before and after restoration of White Thassos marble flooring in Houston showing significant improvement.

White Thassos Marble Revival: A 7-Day Craftsmanship Chronicle in Houston

Transforming White Thassos Marble: NextGen’s Intensive 7-Day Project in Houston Welcome to an awe-inspiring story of transformation, a tale where NextGen Surface Care’s expertise meets the elegance of White Thassos marble in a Houston home. This case study unfolds the challenges, innovations, and meticulous attention to detail that went into reviving over 6,000 square feet […]

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Before and After images of a marble floor in Woodlands, showcasing the transformation from visible walker scratches to a pristine, polished shine.


Marble Makeover in Woodlands, TX by NextGen Surface Care Introduction: In the beautiful Woodlands community in Texas is known for its picturesque homes and upscale living. But like any cherished possession, over time, wear and tear can become apparent. Such was the case with a stunning home that featured exquisite marble floors in its kitchen, […]

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