Before and after restoration of White Thassos marble flooring in Houston showing significant improvement.

White Thassos Marble Revival: A 7-Day Craftsmanship Chronicle in Houston

Transforming White Thassos Marble: NextGen’s Intensive 7-Day Project in Houston Welcome to an awe-inspiring story of transformation, a tale where NextGen Surface Care’s expertise meets the elegance of White Thassos marble in a Houston home. This case study unfolds the challenges, innovations, and meticulous attention to detail that went into reviving over 6,000 square feet […]

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Before and After images of quartz countertop restoration by NextGen Surface Care

Quartz Countertop Etch Stain Removal

Restoring Beauty: Quartz Countertop Etch Stain Removal Once upon a late night, we received a frantic call from a distressed client. She had accidentally etched her beloved quartz countertops and was in a state of panic. Confused, she wondered how this could happen since quartz is known for its resistance to etching. We immediately reassured […]

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