Uneven Marble Tiles Leveled and Polished

Marble Floor Restoration Case Study: Royal Oaks Country Club

Unevenly Set Tiles Were Too Challenging for Another Contractor

A homeowner contacted NextGen Surface Care because the marble floors in her home, located in the beautiful Royal Oaks Country Club in Houston, Texas, had unevenly laid tiles (aka “lippage”), holes where fillers had popped out, and other surface damage. The first contractor she called attempted to hone and polish the floor, but because of the lippage, the results were unsightly. Portions of the floor were extra shiny, while other areas were dull. There was one particular area that was extremely slippery, posing a slip and fall hazard.

We provided a free consultation. The homeowner explained that since she had two large dogs, it might be better to change the finish of her floor from polished to honed. She accepted our estimate to grind and hone all the marble floors, from the main kitchen and living area to the hallways and bathrooms, and scheduled services.

Marble Prep and Grinding, Day One

Our first day on the job entailed prep work to ensure we could provide the luxurious results our client wanted. We masked and protected the walls, cabinets, appliances, and other surfaces surrounding our work area. Then, we set to work grinding the floor. The marble grinding process removed the portions of the marble tiles that were set higher than the surrounding tiles.

Marble Repair and Restoration, Day Two

On day two, we carefully inspected the floor and attended to a few areas we found that were still not perfectly level. Once we were sure that we had properly prepared the floor, we continued to the next step of the restoration process, that is, repairing the holes. When fillers are used in natural stone, they sometimes come loose, leaving an unsightly hole behind. We custom tinted epoxy filler to match the surrounding stone and filled in the holes. Once the filler material set, we honed the floor to achieve a beautiful, velvety finish, just like the homeowner requested.

We sent our client images and video clips of the honed finish to be sure she knew what a honed finish looked like. When she viewed the files, she changed her mind. She was impressed with our work but unable to give up the previous reflective finish. We explained that a polished finish would require a bit more maintenance, especially because of her two dogs. Her mind was made up, so we proceeded to use progressively finer grit diamond pads to achieve a gorgeous, glossy finish.

The homeowner was amazed at the quality of our work and how safe, clean, and inviting her marble floor was. Check out the video of the transformation below or watch it on youtube here.

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