Travertine Floor Looks Brand New Again

Travertine Floor Restoration Notice the dull finish in the BEFORE image (left) and the lustrous finish in the AFTER image (right).

Unsightly Travertine Floor

Houston, Texas homeowners noticed that the beauty of their travertine floors had increasingly diminished over the course of time. Near the front entrance and in a high-traffic area at the center of several rooms, the travertine always looked dull and dirty, even after sweeping and mopping.

During the consultation and inspection, we explained to the homeowners that the floor would need to be not only cleaned, but honed and polished, a process that we call refinishing or restoration but that some people call resurfacing or buffing.

Travertine Cleaned, Honed, and Polished

First, we masked and protected the stairs, floors, walls, and other surfaces surrounding our work area. Then, used a traditional stone restoration process to restore the finish. To remove scratches and damage, we honed the floor with diamond pads mounted on a floor machine. We swapped out the pads with progressively finer grits until we achieved a beautiful, natural polish. Our final step was to thoroughly clean the floor with a pH-neutral cleaner. The entire process took several hours.

The homeowners were pleased with the reflectivity of the floor and that it was achieved with natural restoration processes.

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