Travertine Floor Cleaned And Polished Bellaire TX

Unfilled Travertine Dull, Scratched, and Soiled

A homeowner contacted NextGen Surface Care because the travertine floors in her home they just purchased, located in Bellaire Texas, had unfilled travertine with holes trapped with soiling conditions and other surface damage like deep scratches. Portions of the floor looked like someone had dragged something heaving and created deep scratches on the travertine floor, while other areas were dull and had no life.

We provided a free consultation. The homeowner explained that she wanted to keep the floor and restore it to a polished finish and clean out all the trapped soil in the holes from the unfilled travertine. She also wanted us to remove as much of the deep scratches as possible so the floor does not look so unsightly.  She accepted our estimate to grind and hone all the travertine floors, from the main entry, kitchen and living area, to the hallways and bathrooms, and scheduled services.

Travertine Prep and Grinding, Day One

Our first day on the job entailed prep work to ensure we could provide the luxurious results our client wanted. We masked and protected the walls, cabinets, appliances, fireplace, and other surfaces surrounding our work area. Then, we set to work cleaning and grinding the floor. The travertine grinding process removed the portions of the travertine tiles that had deep scratches and other surface damage while the cleaning process removed the trapped soil with the holes and pitts of the floor.

Travertine Polishing and Restoration, Day Two

On day two, we carefully inspected the floor and attended to a few areas we found that still needed further repairs. Once we were sure that we had properly prepared the floor, we continued to the next step of the restoration process, that is, repairing any cracks or major chips in the floor. We custom tinted epoxy filler to match the surrounding stone and filled in the damaged areas. Once the filler material set, we honed the floor to achieve a beautiful, polish finish, just like the homeowner requested. Our final step was to apply an impregnating sealer to inhibit staining although we did explain this does not prevent etching of the floor.

We sent our client images and video clips of the polished finish so she can see the full transformation and she drove to the house to see the outcome. When she arrived to the house and saw the floor for the first time after full restoration her first words were WOW! She was impressed with our work but still had one concern in mind. She asked if the floor would be slippery since it looks shiny? I suggested she walk around with her bare feet to feel if the floor is at a safe level and she was amazed to see and feel the floor was not as slippery as it appeared at first glance.

The homeowner and her husband were amazed at the quality of our work and how safe, clean, and inviting her travertine floor was.

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