60-Year-Old Terrazzo Restored

60-Year-Old Terrazzo in Richmond, Texas Had a Dull Finish

New homeowners in Richmond, Texas contacted us to help with their retro-renovation home remodeling project, specifically, to do something about the scratched, dull finish of the home’s 60-year-old terrazzo floors. Terrazzo is a flooring material that holds up remarkably well, and in most cases, the midcentury-modern glory can be restored to even badly damaged terrazzo.

Our Terrazzo Refinishing Process

We began the restoration process by honing the terrazzo to remove a very thin upper layer of material, revealing the fresh, clean, like-new surface underneath. The homeowners requested a semi-gloss finish, which is a reflective finish that is a little more polished than a matte finish but not quite as polished as a glass-like finish. We were able to achieve the exact look they wanted by polishing the floor using progressively finer grit diamond pads.

The homeowners were able to check the terrazzo floors off of their long to-do list. They were very pleased with the results, as well as the fact that our natural polishing process provided a beautiful finish that would not require any stripping and waxing to maintain.

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