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Terrazzo Floor Stain Removed and Fully Restored in Memorial, Texas

Client in Memorial, Texas called NextGen Surface Care about an investment home they were remodeling and discovered they had a 50 year old Terrazzo floor that needed to be restored. They also attempted to change the color of the floor by trying to stain it to a different color. In the attempt to stain the floor and change the look, it presented a potential problem with permanent staining of the Terrazzo floor and the floor did not look appealing. This is when they knew they had to call an expert on restoring terrazzo floors.

Terrazzo Floor Pre-Inspection

We explained that Terrazzo colors/staining is normally chosen before installation and it is not possible to be 100% successful in changing terrazzo floor color after the install. Eduardo also advised that this attempt may have caused permanent staining and that we could not guarantee complete removal of the stain from the terrazzo floor if it has penetrated too deep into the floor. We began by working on a test area to determine if the stain would come out and we were successful in pulling out the stain.

Terrazzo Floor Restoration

We started the process by carefully protecting all areas with plastic and tape and taking special care of sensitive areas where raw wood was exposed and was unfinished. We proceeded with working on the stain to make sure we got as much of the stain out as possible. Once we removed the stain from the terrazzo floor we started grinding the floor with metal diamonds which was the most aggressive cut that removes most imperfections. After grinding we started honing the floor with resin diamonds and progressively with finer grits just like we would do with marble floors.  We then followed that by polishing the floor and sealing the floor with a high quality impregnator sealer. The results looked amazing and we achieved a mirror like finish that brought the floor back to life. The client was so happy with the results and gave us a 5 star rating on google.

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