Terrazzo Floor Restoration Bellaire TX

Terrazzo Floor Maintenance Problem

Billy Forney, owner of Palace Social in Bellaire Texas, contacted us because his terrazzo floors were turning yellow, were sticky, and did not look presentable even though the 8,000 sq. foot terrazzo floor was installed less than one year ago. He was concerned improper maintenance methods were being used on his terrazzo floors and wanted to correct the problem.

Terrazzo Floor Improper Maintenance

His regular floor maintenance included stripping and waxing the terrazzo. Each time maintenance was performed, any of the old wax that had not been completely stripped away built up in thin layers and caused dirt and debris to get trapped under the wax. The waxing and stripping of the terrazzo floors also caused the floors to turn yellow and created a sticky mess that can be heard as you walked across the floor. This completely diminished the look of the floor.

Billy reached out to a few companies that wanted to restrip and rewax the floors. When he reached out to us, we explained that rewaxing would be a waste of time and money and would bring him right back to the same scenario in a matter of months.

Terrazzo Wax Removal Polishing and Sealing

First, we preserved a safe walking area for all the guests.

We used a diamond polishing process to hone the floor, removing residual wax, scratches, and other surface damage and revealing the brand new terrazzo underneath. We used progressively finer grit diamond pads to achieve a gorgeous, reflective finish. This is the same process we use to restore marble floors. When finally sealed the terrazzo floor with an impregnating (non-topical sealer). No more stripping and waxing will be needed! Natural terrazzo restoration eliminates the need for stripping and coatings. Our terrazzo restoration services will result in reduced maintenance costs for Palace Social and the floors look terrific!

If you are in the Houston / Bellaire area and need your terrazzo floors restored and maintained, reach out to us for a free estimate.