Terrazzo Floor Restoration: Bringing Expertise to Goliad from Houston, TX

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Terrazzo Floor Restoration: Bringing Expertise to Goliad from Houston, TX

Three-Day Terrazzo Floor Restoration

Day 1: Initial Assessment & Damage Repair

Upon arrival on Friday, the team began the project by systematically unloading the necessary equipment. Prioritizing the protection of the property, we masked and taped the walls and baseboards. This ensured that no inadvertent damage occurred during the restoration process.

The day’s primary focus was to address the visible cracks and damages on the terrazzo flooring. Using specialized equipment, we meticulously repaired each imperfection, ensuring the surface was prepared for the subsequent steps.

Following the repair phase, we embarked on our initial grind to eliminate the aged sealer and any remnants of old wax. This step was crucial for rejuvenating the floor and preparing it for the polishing process. After a thorough clean-up, the area was left to air dry, marking the end of a productive day.

Day 2: Precision Polishing & Grouting

On Saturday, we began by reassessing the previous day’s work. Notably, there was residual sealer along some grout lines due to slight floor unevenness. Undeterred, the team employed hand-held angle grinders equipped with special diamond pads. This precision tool effectively removed the residual sealer and ensured an even base for the subsequent steps.

Before initiating the diamond polishing process, we grouted the entire floor. This step was pivotal in achieving a seamless finish and ensuring the longevity of the restored floor. Post grouting, a waiting period of a few hours was observed, after which the team began the intensive diamond polishing process. This step was particularly time-consuming, consuming the majority of the day. After 12 hours of meticulous work and an end-of-day cleanup, day two concluded.

Day 3: Final Touches & Sealing

Sunday saw the continuation of the restoration process with powder polishing. This step further enhanced the floor’s shine and ensured a pristine finish. The team also addressed finer details, such as edge work and any areas that may have been overlooked during the initial phases.

The culmination of the project was the application of an impregnating sealer. This not only preserved the floor’s newfound shine but also offered protection against future wear and tear.

In total, the entire project spanned approximately 28 hours over three days, transforming a damaged terrazzo floor into a gleaming masterpiece.

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