Terrazzo Floor Repairs and Restoration Memorial, TX

Terrazzo Floor Crack Repairs Install and Restoration Memorial, TX

Client reached out to us because they just bought this home in Memorial, TX and began the process of remodeling the entire home and discovered they had Terrazzo Floors that were in poor conditions. The Terrazzo floor is over 60 years old and was poorly maintained and in need of a complete restoration. The client removed the kitchen area and discovered there were some areas that was missing Terrazzo and had very large cracks under the cabinets. Client called multiple companies and some did not want to take on the job and another company charged a higher premium but never followed through with the project. That’s when NextGen Surface Care comes in to see the project.

Initial Walk Through

When we arrived we did a detailed walk through all the areas and discovered that we had a major restoration to deal with here which included repairing the Terrazzo Cracks, holes from carpet tack strip removal, flattening uneven tiles, attempt to remove multiple stains, install new Terrazzo in the kitchen area, Grind, Hone, Polish and Seal the Terrazzo Floors. We accepted the challenge and set proper expectations that the floor will look amazing but will not be perfect due to the poor maintenance of the floor from previous owner.

Professional Terrazzo Repair And Restoration

First, we used a diamond-point carving tool to meticulously open cracks just enough to ensure proper bonding with filler material. Then, we honed a section of the terrazzo, to reveal the true color of the terrazzo for color matching purposes. We mixed custom-tint combinations and binders to create the filler. For holes and wider cracks, we added aggregates (tiny pieces of stone) to the filler. With painstaking attention to detail, we patched the holes and fixed the cracks, matching the repaired areas as closely as possible to the surrounding floor. We then proceeded to install the new Terrazzo Floor in the kitchen where the patches needed to be filled.

Once all the repair work was complete, we used a diamond polishing process to hone the floor, removing residual wax, scratches, and other surface damage and revealing the brand new terrazzo underneath. We used progressively finer grit diamond pads to achieve a gorgeous, reflective finish. This is the same process we use to restore marble floors.

60 Year Old Terrazzo Fully Restored

The project turned out to be massive success and the client was very happy with the results and gave us a 5 Star review on google. The Terrazzo floor now looks 100 times better although we were all aware that it would not be perfect and some stains were permanent but overall it looks amazing! Natural terrazzo restoration eliminates the need for stripping and coatings. Our terrazzo restoration services will result in reduced maintenance costs over the course of time.

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