Soapstone Restored to Beautiful Honed Finish

Soapstone Damage

A Houston, Texas homeowner contacted us, baffled that his soapstone countertops looked so damaged. He had done some research on soapstone as a countertop material and found that it is known for its dense and inert properties that, in most cases, make it unlikely to become stained and etched. Nevertheless, the appearance of his countertops had become diminished with regular use.

We agreed with the homeowner that soapstone is, indeed, typically difficult to damage. It is the same type of material used for countertops in labs and science classrooms. However, since natural stone is a property of nature and not man-made, there are no iron-clad guarantees that its usability will always be predictable. We explained to the homeowner that since soapstone is a talc-based stone, it is soft and easy to restore. The homeowner asked us to restore the soapstone and then apply a coating. He requested a high-gloss finish.

Soapstone Restoration

We honed the soapstone to remove surface discoloration, damage, and scratches, and diamond polished to achieve a nice, uniform appearance. Then, we applied the high gloss protective coating, as discussed. The homeowner was surprised at the level of gloss the countertops had. Although the tops had a beautiful, mirror-like finish, the homeowner had imagined a less reflective surface.

At NextGen Surface Care, we are not satisfied with our work until the client is. We thanked the homeowner for communicating with us and allowing us the opportunity to provide the exact finish he had in mind.

We honed the soapstone to bring the level of gloss down and applied a mineral oil/wax to achieve a soft, satin finish. We recommended care tips and products our client could use to maintain the finish in between periodic professional restoration visits.

The homeowner was thrilled with the outcome and very glad that he would be able to enjoy the appearance of the countertops in his well-used kitchen.

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