Residential Concrete Floor Polished

Concrete Floor Dull, Scratched, and Stained

Homeowners in midtown Houston, Texas were not happy with the appearance of their concrete floors. The previous owners had hired another company to polish the concrete, but their methods were not appropriate and produced poor results. After seven years of looking at these floors, the homeowners finally decided it was time to have them polished properly. They contacted NextGen Surface Care for a free consultation.

When we examined the floor, we determined that the previous contractor’s floor machine left the concrete with swirl marks. A topical coating that had been applied to create some reflectivity had worn away in some spots. The floor had etch stains, was scratched, and had a dull finish.

True Polish for Homeowner’s Concrete Floors

Our methods differed from those of the previous contractor. We used a natural polishing process that created a beautiful shine without the need for topical coatings.

Before we started working, we masked and protected the kitchen cabinets, doors, walls, and all other surfaces surrounding our work areas.

First, we used a floor machine with diamond pads designed specifically for concrete to grind and hone the floor. This process removed a very thin upper layer of the concrete, virtually erasing the surface damage and doing away with what was left of the old topical coating. Then, we applied a densifier to protect the concrete and help our polishing and burnishing process create the desired sheen. For this final stage of our concrete polishing service, the diamonds were a finer grit that produced a beautiful, reflective finish. We finished up with a high quality sealer.

The homeowners were amazed at the level of polish we achieved without coatings.

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