Before and After images of a marble floor in Woodlands, showcasing the transformation from visible walker scratches to a pristine, polished shine. Woodlands Marble Restoration: Turning Walker Scratches into Mirror Shine

Marble Makeover in Woodlands, TX by NextGen Surface Care


In the beautiful Woodlands community in Texas is known for its picturesque homes and upscale living. But like any cherished possession, over time, wear and tear can become apparent. Such was the case with a stunning home that featured exquisite marble floors in its kitchen, dining, hall areas, and master bathroom. Unfortunately, the once radiant marble floors were now a shadow of their former self, obscured under a misplaced coating and showing signs of daily wear.

The Backstory:

When the homeowner’s husband experienced a hip injury and used a walker without its protective rubber feet, it resulted in further damage to the already compromised floors. An attempt by another company to restore the marble didn’t yield the desired results, which only added to the homeowner’s concerns. That’s when NextGen Surface Care, recommended by a reputed interior designer, stepped in.

The Challenge:

Restoring the marble was not just about dealing with the surface scratches or the dullness that was glaringly evident in the sunlight. There was an additional challenge – a coating from a previous attempt at restoration that had to be dealt with.

Our Approach:

  • Coating Removal: Before any restoration could take place, the existing coating had to be removed to reveal the marble underneath.
  • Surface Restoration with Resin Diamonds: Surface blemishes and scratches were addressed using specialized resin diamonds, ensuring a smooth finish.
  • High Gloss Polishing: With the surface ready, it was then polished to a high gloss, restoring the marble’s natural shine and beauty.

Client’s Feedback:

The homeowner, who had been understandably anxious given her previous experiences, was thrilled with the results. The floors now looked even better than she remembered, and her gratitude was evident in her words and intent to recommend NextGen Surface Care to her friends. In her words, “Your work is BEAUTIFUL!”


In Woodlands, TX, another home now stands as a testament to NextGen Surface Care’s dedication to quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction. The marble floors, once dulled and scratched, now gleam with a brilliance that speaks volumes about the craftsmanship and care that went into their restoration.

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