Granite Wall Cleaned Polished and Sealed

Granite Wall Full Of Calcium And Mineral Deposits

The HOA for Crown Oaks in Magnolia Texas contacted NextGen Surface Care because their black granite walls to the community entrance were looking dull and full of hard water deposits. The signage is the first point of entry that everyone can see upon entering the community and they wanted to make it look like new again.

We provided a free consultation and performed a test on a 2×2 area to verify approval and scheduled services.

Granite Prep and Inspection

The job entailed prep work to ensure we could provide the luxurious results our client wanted. We masked and protected the gold engraving lettering in the granite to avoid chemical damage and other surfaces surrounding our work area. Then, we set to work on removing the calcium and mineral deposits from the granite. We also pointed out the main cause of the hard water build up was due to the irrigation system splashing directly onto the granite and suggested to have this addressed to avoid a continuous problem.

Granite Cleaned and Polished and Sealed

Once we removed all the mineral buildup from the granite wall we continued with a polishing compound specifically designed for black granite and meticulously polished every inch of the granite and placing special attention to all the dulled out areas to achieve a gorgeous, glossy finish. We then followed this up with an impregnating sealer to seal and protect the granite. Our very last step was to remove the tape from the gold lettering and cleaned and enhanced the lettering to compliment the beautiful shine achieved on the granite wall. As a final note we received over 9 compliments by homeowners driving into the community and saying how beautiful and shiny the wall looks. One person even said it looked like new!

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