Garage Floor Repaired and Coated

Houston, Texas Garage Floor Cracked and Stained

A homeowner in Houston, TX called us because his garage floor had many cracks, and the overall appearance of the floor was poor. The concrete also had stains caused by oil from his classic vehicle that had dripped onto the surface for years.

Concrete Cracks Repaired and Epoxy Coating

First, we cleaned the surface of the concrete, removing all traces of oil. Then, we used a concrete floor grinder to properly prepare the floor for maximum adhesion of the epoxy coating. Next, we filled any cracks, holes, and voids, and did detail edge work with a hand grinder. The concrete repair and grinding was done in a dustless manner. Finally, we installed a UV and chemical-resistant epoxy coating with an anti-slip additive to reduce slips and fall accidents.

The homeowner, a very well-known interior designer and owner of a reputable Houston, Texas design business, was super excited about the like-new, showroom-ready appearance of the garage floor. He was relieved to know that the epoxy coating would make maintaining the floor and cleaning oil spills easy. Best of all, he did not need to worry any more about oil stains. In fact, he showed other people his floor, and they loved it so much that they also contacted us for garage floor epoxy coating installation services.

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