Marble Floor Restoration in Cypress, TX


In the serene surroundings of Cypress, TX, a home stood with a challenge that seemed almost insurmountable. At the heart of this challenge was a vast expanse of marble flooring that had seen better days. For the homeowner, Cristi M, the sheer extent of wear and tear was daunting and she was on a quest to restore her marble floors. But every story has a hero, and in this tale, it’s NextGen Surface Care.


Cristi M.  had purchased her home and been living in her Cypress residence for a few years. She noticed the previous ownners negelcted the floor and over time, the elegant marble floor began showing signs of distress. Scratches, missing grout, pitting, and damaged veins marred its once-pristine surface. Honestly the floor looked so bad that they we considering replacing the floor. Contractors she consulted painted a grim picture: the floor couldn’t be restored and would have to be replaced. Considering the floor spanned over 2000 sq. ft., replacing it would be a significant and costly endeavor. Desperate for an alternative, Kristi stumbled upon NextGen Surface Care during her research. Impressed by our portfolio, she decided to give restoration one last shot.

The Challenge:

Upon inspection, it was evident that the floor was not just in need of a simple touch-up. Entire sections of the marble were damaged, with resin missing or destroyed. The intricate design of the floor, especially the red marble diamond inserts amid the cream marble, added to the complexity. It was clear that this wasn’t going to be a standard restoration job; it required a unique approach, precision, lots of love, patience, and an eye for detail.

Our Approach:

  • Day 1: The team began by meticulously masking and protecting areas, followed by custom color matching for epoxy resin fillers.
  • Days 2-3: Dedicated to repairs. Two epoxy shades, a cream, and a red, were mixed to seamlessly blend with the floor’s design. Special attention was given to the red marble diamond shaped inserts, which were masked individually to preserve their color during the grouting process.
  • Day 4 onwards: As one team progressed with repairs, another started the honing, polishing, and sealing process. The grouting phase also ensured that minor pits and pinholes were effectively covered.
  • The Final Touch: Slowly, the mirror-like sheen returned. The floor wasn’t just reflecting the room, but also Kristi’s joy.

Client’s Feedback:

Kristi and her husband was overjoyed with the transformation. Not only had we restored the floor to its original glory, but it now resembled a sheet of reflective glass. Thrilled with the results, They extended the scope of the project to include the marble flooring and shower in her master bathroom and even the garage floor, which we finished with a high-quality epoxy treatment.


In Cypress, TX, another marble floor has been brought back to life, showcasing NextGen Surface Care’s unparalleled expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction. Through meticulous work and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we turned a seemingly insurmountable challenge that the marble floor would have to be replaced into a resounding success saving her thousands of dollars and increasing the value and longetivty of her now beautifully restored marble floors.

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