Commercial Anti-Slip Epoxy Floor Coating

Tomball, Texas Commercial Floor Repaired and Coated

The Great American Rug Cleaning Company in Tomball, TX called us because they wanted to coat and protect the concrete floor where they clean and repair the finest area rugs in town. The overall appearance of the concrete floor was very clean and had one large crack going across the floor along with some concrete deterioration from the cleaning products. Richard Middleton wanted an epoxy floor that was easy to maintain and also provide some slip resistance for his workers.

Concrete Cracks Repaired and Epoxy Coating

First, we started by cutting transition lines in the concrete for division. Then, we used a concrete floor grinder to properly prepare the floor for maximum adhesion of the epoxy coating. Next, we filled any cracks, holes, and voids, and did detail edge work with a hand grinder. The concrete repair and grinding was done in a dustless manner. We then installed a moisture barrier to the floor which helps keep up to 15 lbs of moisture pressure down. Finally we installed a UV and chemical-resistant polyaspartic clear coat with an anti-slip additive to reduce slips and fall accidents.

He was relieved to know that the epoxy coating would make maintaining the floor and cleaning much easier. Another interesting fact about this project is that over 11 years ago I was Richard’s employee and now fast forward to now as a business owner he is my client and it was a pleasure to perform the services for an employer who inspired me in the past.

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