Church Terrazzo Floors Repaired and Restored

Immaculate Conception Church Terrazzo Restoration

Terrazzo in Poor Condition

Father Ty, the pastor of Immaculate Conception Church in Goliad, Texas contacted us because the church’s terrazzo floor had become badly damaged for a number of reasons…

Terrazzo Maintenance Mishaps

Regular floor maintenance included stripping and waxing the terrazzo. Each time maintenance was performed…

Professional Terrazzo Repair and Restoration

First, we masked and protected the surfaces surrounding our work area…

No More Stripping and Re-waxing!

Natural terrazzo restoration eliminates the need for stripping and coatings…

Father Ty and the congregation were amazed at the dramatic difference our terrazzo services made for the appearance of this church terrazzo floor. Click here to read Father Ty’s review.

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See Our Work in Action: Watch the full restoration process and the stunning outcomes in our video on YouTube: Terrazzo Floor Restoration at Immaculate Conception Church.