Church Terrazzo Floors Repaired and Restored

Terrazzo in Poor Condition

Father Ty, the pastor of Immaculate Conception Church in Goliad, Texas contacted us because the church’s terrazzo floor had become badly damaged for a number of reasons. The terrazzo was first installed in 1962, along with carpeting down the aisle and alter areas. The carpet installers used tack strips and glue to secure the carpet to the terrazzo. Pews were also bolted into the floor.

Terrazzo Maintenance Mishaps

Regular floor maintenance included stripping and waxing the terrazzo. Each time maintenance was performed, any of the old wax that had not been completely stripped away built up in thin layers. With each passing decade, the layers yellowed, diminishing the appearance of the terrazzo.

Father Ty eventually decided it was time to do something about the floor. He began by having the carpet and tack strips removed. During the process, the floor was badly damaged with over six hundred holes. He quickly realized he was in over his head and called local property service providers to get some help.

Unfortunately, this search lasted for over a year, because no one seemed to want to take on this difficult and complicated job. After many failed attempts and unreturned calls, he finally reached NextGen Surface Care.

Professional Terrazzo Repair and Restoration

First, we masked and protected the surfaces surrounding our work area.

We used a diamond-point carving tool to meticulously open cracks just enough to ensure proper bonding with filler material. Then, we honed a section of the terrazzo, to reveal the true color of the terrazzo for color matching purposes. We mixed custom-tint combinations and binders to create the filler. For holes and wider cracks, we added aggregates (tiny pieces of stone) to the filler. With painstaking attention to detail, we patched the holes and fixed the cracks, matching the repaired areas as closely as possible to the surrounding floor. We also repaired damaged alter edges.

Once all the repair work was complete, we used a diamond polishing process to hone the floor, removing residual wax, scratches, and other surface damage and revealing the brand new terrazzo underneath. We used progressively finer grit diamond pads to achieve a gorgeous, reflective finish. This is the same process we use to restore marble floors.

No More Stripping and Re-waxing!

Natural terrazzo restoration eliminates the need for stripping and coatings. Our terrazzo restoration services will result in reduced maintenance costs for the church over the course of time.

Father Ty and the congregation were amazed at the dramatic difference our terrazzo services made for the appearance of this church terrazzo floor. Click here to read Father Ty’s review.

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