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Marble Floor Restoration in Cypress, TX Introduction: In the serene surroundings of Cypress, TX, a home stood with a challenge that seemed almost insurmountable. At the heart of this challenge was a vast

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Terrazzo Floor Restoration: Bringing Expertise to Goliad from Houston, TX Three-Day Terrazzo Floor Restoration Day 1: Initial Assessment & Damage Repair Upon arrival on Friday, the team began the project by systematically unloading

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Marble Makeover in Woodlands, TX by NextGen Surface Care Introduction: In the beautiful Woodlands community in Texas is known for its picturesque homes and upscale living. But like any cherished possession, over time,

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Restoring Beauty: Quartz Countertop Etch Stain Removal Once upon a late night, we received a frantic call from a distressed client. She had accidentally etched her beloved quartz countertops and was in a

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Unfilled Travertine Dull, Scratched, and Soiled A homeowner contacted NextGen Surface Care because the travertine floors in her home they just purchased, located in Bellaire Texas, had unfilled travertine with holes trapped with

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Unevenly Set Tiles Were Too Challenging for Another Contractor A homeowner contacted NextGen Surface Care because the marble floors in her home, located in the beautiful Royal Oaks Country Club in Houston, Texas,

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Terrazzo Floor Stain Removed and Fully Restored in Memorial, Texas Client in Memorial, Texas called NextGen Surface Care about an investment home they were remodeling and discovered they had a 50 year old

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Tomball, Texas Commercial Floor Repaired and Coated The Great American Rug Cleaning Company in Tomball, TX called us because they wanted to coat and protect the concrete floor where they clean and repair

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Granite Wall Full Of Calcium And Mineral Deposits The HOA for Crown Oaks in Magnolia Texas contacted NextGen Surface Care because their black granite walls to the community entrance were looking dull and

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Terrazzo Floor Crack Repairs Install and Restoration Memorial, TX Client reached out to us because they just bought this home in Memorial, TX and began the process of remodeling the entire home and