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In all phases of life, different products come and go. Some are good, some are not. The one

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What is carpet padding? Carpet padding is a separate piece of underlayment that you put down between the

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Times change, trends change. In the recent past, laminate was the countertop of choice. Over time, that trend

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There is a Lot to Be Said for Rearranging Your Furniture [This article was originally published in October

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[This article was originally published in October of 2018] Kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, bar tops, and the

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Should You Invest in a Central Vacuum System? As we know, vacuuming our home’s floor surfaces is the

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Are cultured marble and real marble the same thing? Cultured marble and real marble sound the same, but

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How to Keep Your Synthetic Carpets and Rugs Clean, Fresh, and Inviting No matter what type of synthetic

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Fissures vs Cracks Natural stone, granite, marble, quartzite, etc., is made by, well, nature. Man has nothing to

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Synthetic Carpet Fibers Carpet and area rugs can enhance the décor of any space, but not all floor